About Us

Grandall Distributing Co., Inc. has been faithfully servicing the Latin Health & Beauty needs for over 47 years. We provide comprehensive coverage of the Mexican-Latin needs and currently service over 2,000 stores in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and throughout the USA.

For a generation, Grandall president, Jose M. Granda, has been responsible for manufacturing, warehousing, and distributing Mexican-Latin products to a large, rapidly expanding and relatively neglected segment of California's population. Along with his children, Melissa, Jessica and Joseph, they continue to expand on this idea as well as growing their brand name products.  Their expertise, fitting the plan to the needs of the modern complete supermarket, is second to none. 

Tradition is uppermost: "If mother used it, it's got to be good!" For example, many old time home remedies are not readily available because they are not listed in the top selling items nationally. However, in the Mexican / Latin communities, they are still number one and special trips are made to get these products whereever they are available.

Mexican / Latin people find that their needs are not satisfied by the average Health and Beauty Aids departments. They buy brands that they recognize and know to be good. In many cases they are not able to read the directions or instructions on the new products. Our website is intended for our retail customers to find those items that are not always readily available in thier local stores.


Officers of the Corporation:

    Jose M. Granda        Melissa J. Granda Pacheco           Jessica J. Granda Acker           Joseph J. Granda